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The Dark Side Of The Aquarius Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

While this makes her a great person to have on your team when you’re both fighting for humanitarian rights, it also means you get the ever-stubborn Aquarius who won’t listen to your opinion. She likes to think that she can be the kind of person who is open-minded enough to listen to what others have to say, but in reality, she’s much more likely to cover her ears with her hands and pretend she can’t hear you. Not only is Aquarius stubborn about her opinions, but she is also always sure that she’s right. No one believes in Aquarius like Aquarius does – admirable at times, yes – which means that no one is going to get through to Aquarius except herself. Aquarius will rebel against what everyone is taught to believe because her need for freedom includes having the freedom to think, too. Arguing with Aquarius is a futile effort, as well, because once she sinks her teeth into something, she won’t let anyone take it away from her. RELATED:  The Dark Side Of Each Zodiac Sign Aquarius has a free-spirited nature that encourages her to share the love and live by the “no strings attached” rule. While she does enjoy being part of a group, she’s also fiercely independent – often to a fault. Her ability to stay detached in almost every situation, including ones with people she considers friends, can alienate her. It’s common for her to lead a nomadic lifestyle, keeping to herself and choosing to be alone instead of surrounded by friends and family. This can obviously backfire on her and make her even more detached than before.

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